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January 31, 2004

January Progress Report

After staying in the house with Charlotte for almost a week due to the weather, I was feeling really antsy today. Mike offered to take me whereever I wanted, so we checked out a new - to me -LYS. I know I'm on a diet, but I figured I could pick up a pattern book. All I could find were store copies of the books I liked, so no new book. The best thing about the store was the very lovely yarn. I almost broke down and bought just one ball of Kureyon for a hat, but Mike was kind enough to point out that I've almost made it a month without buying yarn, and I only have one more month to go. Maybe the no yarn will power left me looking dazed and confused because the store associates both encouraged me to sign up for a beginner's knitting class. I did learn my lesson - no more yarn stores during the diet. I already feel out of sorts from yarn purchase withdrawal, no need to make it worse. I just need to see some progress in my current projects, so that the input - new yarn - is more in line with my output - FOs.
Well, it's the last day of January, and this month I finished my socks, Charlotte's socks, and my featured UFO - Charlotte's jacket. Left hanging on the needles are the gloves for my husband and brother, the Guidepost sweater, and the Weekend sweater. Joining these guys on my to do list for February are four squares for the Warm Up America project, some Valentine's Day socks for Charlotte, the short-sleeved ribbed lace sweater from Vintage Knits, and the new UFO of the month - Charlotte's blue sweater from the Debbie Bliss Knitting Workbook. I started this project on September 17th of last year; check the archives for a picture and information. I realize that's a lot on the list, so we'll see how far I get. The socks and gloves are the only deadline items.

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January 29, 2004

Men Along, Part 2

Mike has a part time job delivering papers, and all of our gloves are sort of bulky, so he doesn't wear gloves on his route. As a result, his hands are pretty chapped up from the cold weather we've had. For Valentine's Day, I'm making him a pair of gloves like the ones for my brother. Instead of the Passport yarn, I'm using Galaxy Blue Peruvian Collection Baby Silk. To keep the gloves thin, I'm also using my trusty size 0s. I'm hoping the gloves will be thin enough to where he can work with them on, warm enough due to the alpaca content, and soft enough due to the silk content. Here's a progress pic:
This yarn is wonderful! I'd love to use it for the silk ribbed camisole in Vintage Knits, but I only have 4 balls each in the nimbus blue and the cajun rose. It'd take about 12 balls total of one of the colors to make the project. Unfortunately, the Baby Silk has become very popular and Elann is sold out. If I can't find another source, I'll probably use the yarn for more gloves or some fancy - handwash only - socks.

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January 28, 2004

Men Along, Part 1

Here's the progress so far on my Brother's Gloves.
I'm using Passport yarn's Barcelona, size 7 needles, and the glove instructions from the latest Interweave Knits. I've added a basic thumb gusset and ribbing at the bottom.

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January 27, 2004

Knitting Without Fear

Thank you all for your concern. My back is feeling better today. Once I'm back to 100%, I'm taking Greta's advice and trying Pilates.
Last night, I found a mistake in one of my cables five rows down from my current row. This time I did not rip out the whole sweater. I also did not rip out the last five rows of the entire sweater. Instead, I pulled out only the five rows in that panel. I then reknit the five rows in that section and now, it looks no different than any of the other panels. I've handled dropped stitches before, but that seems easy compared this. It is very reassuring to know that even if the pattern is complicated, I'm capable of fixing my mistakes. Here's the Weekend sweater progress so far.
This is what the pattern looks like close up.
I'm using the tan Cashmerino Aran.
Also, here are Charlotte's socks.
We're both very glad to have these finished and wearable. Charlotte is in a stage now where she wants to put on anything she can find - especially shoes and socks. It was very difficult keeping these away from her until they were complete.

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January 26, 2004


I haven't touched the Guideposts Sweater in about a week. Instead, I spent the weekend finishing Charlotte's socks, starting on gloves for my husband and brother, and starting the Weekend sweater. My defense is that I did finish two projects last week and everything I'm working on is on my list for this month. Besides, how long could I resist projects made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or Peruvian Collection Baby Silk?
We're snowed in today, so Michael is home from work. I managed to hurt my back over the last two days, so it's great to have him around for helping with Charlotte. However, I don't know how much I'll get to work on his gloves.
Stay warm today!

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January 21, 2004

I may not earn a full time salary, but I love making money for doing crafty work. I've made and sold everything from soap to beaded necklaces to crocheted afghans. I've worked at Michaels, MJDesigns, and the GA Tech Crafts Center. And I've even taught ceramics and crochet classes. I just need a creative outlet in a job. So, right now, I'm just ecstatic because it looks like I'll be teaching classes at Knit Happens starting in April! Plus, a friend of mine just placed an order for a commissioned baby blanket. It's great to feel like I'm contributing to our income while doing what I like.
I've got a knitting meetup tonight, and I plan on bringing Charlotte's socks.
These are my first top down socks, and it's not too bad. The pattern is from Knit a Dozen Baby Socks. I had to work a little with the stitch count, because I'm using a smaller weight yarn and a smaller needle size than called for.
And here's Charlotte with her favorite use for my Addi Turbos.
Who knew that size 11 circulars would make such good drum sticks.

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January 20, 2004

The Finished Jacket

After 6 long months, the Debbie Bliss Embroidered Jacket is finally finished. Here's the jacket.

Here's a flower close-up.

And here's Charlotte modeling the finished product.

I made this in the 12-18 month size. Luckily, it's pretty big, even on Charlotte who's almost 15 months. Without a huge growth spurt, Charlotte should be able to wear it this fall.

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January 19, 2004


After reading Greta's post yesterday, I decided to actually list blog links on my page. Up until now I'd just use other people's links lists, but I'm reading enough blogs to where I'm using 4 or 5 different lists - not very efficient. I had avoided listing links because I didn't want to leave anyone feeling slighted because I hadn't linked to their site. So, if you're not on the list, I'm sorry, it's only the first draft, and there's a good chance I'll add you at some point. Also, if you check out my list, Michael Tiffany is my husband and his link will not take you to a knitting site. You have been warned.
My interview on Friday went really well. I'm trying to get a job teaching crochet classes at a LYS. Yes, I said the evil c-word. You see, while I'm currently smitten with knitting, I have to confess that crochet was my first love. My three year fling with knitting doesn't hold a candle to my thirteen year relationship with crochet. (Actually, I'm enjoying knitting more than crochet lately.) Anyway, before we moved to Virginia, I'd taught crochet classes at Michaels and as part of the Options program at GA Tech. It's been almost a year since I taught and I'll be excited to start up again.
Thanks for all of the kind comments regarding Charlotte's jacket. No progress pics today; the jacket is still not completely flowered. Maybe tomorrow will bring a finished project. If you are following the GSRP cable box, Caroline has received it and sent it off.

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January 15, 2004

Knit Along Mania

I've joined two new knit alongs in the last week. The first one is the Vintage Knits Along. To take part in this knit along, you have to make something from the book Vintage Knits. I plan on making the short-sleeved ribbed lace sweater. Look for this project to begin next month. Laurin is sponsoring this knit-along so if you're interested check out her site for the details.
The second knit along is the Men Along sponsored by Johanna. Check out her January 13th post for all the info. All you have to do for this one is knit something for one of the men in your life. I'm knitting gloves for my husband and brother.
And I haven't forgotten about the Sonnet Along. Both Sonnet and Haiku have been sitting at the bottom of my WIP basket, waiting to be finished. Look for these two to resurface next month. A few people have finished their Sonnets, but there are also several people just starting so if you're interested, it's not too late to join.
I'm slowly advancing on the Guideposts Sweater; I should finish the front today. Charlotte's jacket is also seeing some progress.
Only four more flowers to go!
So far, I've only finished one pair of socks from my January to do list. However, the jacket is nearly completed, the guideposts sweater is coming along, and there aren't any other big projects to finish this month. The gloves shouldn't take too long and the other socks are baby size for Charlotte.
I have a job interview tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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January 14, 2004

Yarn Diet

As you can see, I've added the yarn diet button to my sidebar. I was going through the list of projects I'd like to complete in the coming months and realized that I already have the yarn for about 30 of them. So, for the next two months at least, I'm not buying any yarn. I'm ending the diet in March because a) I have a project that month that I will need to buy yarn for and b) that is the month that Knit Happens has its grand opening in Alexandria.

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January 13, 2004

Guideposts Sweater

Here's the finished back for the guidepost sweater.
And here's the front.
I'm up to the armhole decreases, so the front should start going faster.
I've only sewn 4 flowers on Charlotte's jacket, so there are still 6 to go. I can only put about 2 flowers on per night. More than that, and they stop looking like flowers.

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January 12, 2004

More Yarn!

I received my Elann package today! I got some Peruvian Collection Baby Silk to make some nice gloves.
I also bought some of the Sock It to Me yarn for socks of course.
A lot of my gift knitting will come these yarns and now I can start on it - after I finish the Guide Posts sweater and the Black Jacket of course! I did accomplish some knitting this weekend; I'll post a status update tomorrow.

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January 10, 2004

GSRP Update

The Cable box arrived this afternoon. After looking through, I selected these
3 balls Noro Kureyon and 1 ball Jaeger Luxury Tweed.
This is my contribution
2 balls Rowan Cotton Tape, 1 1/2 balls Filatura di Crosa's Adhoc Piu, 3 balls Wool-Ease, and 1 ball Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. Hopefully at least one of these yarns will appeal to someone coming up on the list. The box will be mailed Monday to Caroline in Baltimore.

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January 8, 2004

I've been very good so far this month, only working on two projects at once. Yesterday, however, I broke down and began something new. Back in October, I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for this
the Weekend Sweater from The Cashmere Collection. My husband bought me the pattern book and needles for the sweater as a Christmas present. So, for over two months, I've had this gorgeous yarn sitting in a box, waiting to be knitted, and for almost two weeks, I've had everything I needed to make this gorgeous sweater. I know this is going to take a little while to complete, so I figured that I could get a few projects finished this month and then start on it. But somewhere between sewing on flowers and the knitting a ribbed sweater, I cracked. I broke out the addis and cast on. By the time I was 10 rows in, I was really starting to see the pattern form. I stopped to check out each cable to see how it looked, and then I noticed a mistake in one of the cables, all the way on the first row. I think I put the cable needle in front when it should have been in back, because instead of two cables wrapping around each other, I had just one curvy cable. Ripping and reknitting just that cable turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, so now all ten rows have been pulled out and everything is back in the box. Maybe this time I'll have enough self control to leave it there until I've finished some of the projects already on my plate.
The Guidepost sweater is knitting up quickly. I got past the armhole shaping yesterday and only have a couple of inches to go on the back. Maybe once I finish this sweater and the embroidered jacket, I'll go ahead and restart the Weekend Sweater. It'll be refreshing to have a complicated design after all of this ribbing.

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January 6, 2004

One Project Completed, Another in the Works

Here are the completed jelly bean socks.
Thanks again to my in-laws for the sock yarn. They also gave me a ball of Magic Stripes in the Purple Pattern which I plan on using next month.
With the socks finished, I've started on the Guideposts sweater. Last month, Sarah put a call out for a charity sweater knit along. Finished sweaters are sent to the Guideposts Sweater Project. Children's sweaters from sizes 2-12 are accepted. My contribution will be this sweater.
The pattern is number 36 from the Fall 2001 issue of FCEK. I have a lot of black Lion's Brand Jiffy floating around in my stash so I'm using that in place of the Wool Ease Chunky called out for in the pattern.

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January 5, 2004

Monday Updates

Here is Charlotte modeling her finished winter accessories.
Her scarf is garter stitch with a slit to pull through one end. Ideally both the scarf and mittens were going to be for Christmas, but only the mittens were finished in time. Given the fact that Charlotte usually takes off her hat and socks as fast as possible, I was surprised to find how much she likes wearing her mittens.
All of the embroidery on the right side of Charlotte's black jacket is finished and the buttons have been sewn on. Now I just have to sew 10 flowers on the left side and it'll be complete.
In GSRP news, Wendy now has the cable box. Her detailed update will be posted tomorrow.
Check out Christine's site to see her beautiful, finished Aran baby sweater. One of her resolutions for 2004 was to learn to knit on Aran sweater. We're not even through the first week of the new year, and she's already designed and knitted one. She had a dream about an Aran pattern, sketched it out when she woke up, and finished the whole thing in a matter of days.
Good luck to those of you back at work. Hopefully geting back into routine after the holidays won't be too difficult.

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January 2, 2004

Finished Sock

Here's the completed jelly bean sock.
When I knit with dpns, I'll hold the fifth needle in my mouth until I'm ready to use it. After watching all of my sock knitting, Charlotte has picked up this habit.

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January 1, 2004

GSRP Update

The Cable GSRP box has arrived at Kristine's! This is very exciting because 1) she posted the first pictures so far of stuff inside the box and 2) she's giving Wendy the box this weekend and I'm next on the list. So I'll probably be getting the box late next week.
I'm nearly finished with the first sock. Look here tomorrow for a picture. The knitting is going a little slower now. My in-laws went home yesterday morning, so I'm back to being Charlotte's chief recreation officer.
Alison, Christine, and Pattie all have baby projects on the needles for very new / almost here babies, so here's hoping the new year brings you lots of great knitting and healthy babies.

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