January 8, 2004

I've been very good so far this month, only working on two projects at once. Yesterday, however, I broke down and began something new. Back in October, I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for this
the Weekend Sweater from The Cashmere Collection. My husband bought me the pattern book and needles for the sweater as a Christmas present. So, for over two months, I've had this gorgeous yarn sitting in a box, waiting to be knitted, and for almost two weeks, I've had everything I needed to make this gorgeous sweater. I know this is going to take a little while to complete, so I figured that I could get a few projects finished this month and then start on it. But somewhere between sewing on flowers and the knitting a ribbed sweater, I cracked. I broke out the addis and cast on. By the time I was 10 rows in, I was really starting to see the pattern form. I stopped to check out each cable to see how it looked, and then I noticed a mistake in one of the cables, all the way on the first row. I think I put the cable needle in front when it should have been in back, because instead of two cables wrapping around each other, I had just one curvy cable. Ripping and reknitting just that cable turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, so now all ten rows have been pulled out and everything is back in the box. Maybe this time I'll have enough self control to leave it there until I've finished some of the projects already on my plate.
The Guidepost sweater is knitting up quickly. I got past the armhole shaping yesterday and only have a couple of inches to go on the back. Maybe once I finish this sweater and the embroidered jacket, I'll go ahead and restart the Weekend Sweater. It'll be refreshing to have a complicated design after all of this ribbing.

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1 Comment

Wow, that's beautiful! The yarn looks yummy too! Good luck with it! Cables aren't bad at all once you get used to them!

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