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November 26, 2005

We're going to Disney World!

Back in a week.

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November 21, 2005

Thanks for all of the compliments on my cardigan. With the cold weather finally hitting, it's had a lot of wear in the last week.
I've finished the second sleeve for Charlotte's Christmas sweater. It wasn't until I started the back that I realized I'd knitted the pattern as a 12 stitch repeat instead of a 10 stitch repeat, so all of the stockinette ribs in the sleeves are 4 stitches wide instead of 2. Rather than reknitting the slleves, I'm just using the 12 stitch pattern for the rest of the sweater.
I'm also working on a crocheted baby blanket.
This one needs to be mailed off this week, so it's at the top of the project list.

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November 10, 2005

A Christina's Attic First

I finished a knitted sweater for me. Presenting the Debbie bliss Shawl Collar Cardigan in Burgundy.

The pattern is from a Women's Weekly supplement and used 14 balls of Alpaca Silk.

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November 2, 2005

Christmas Sweaters

Now that November is here, I'm pulling out the yarn for the kids' Christmas sweaters.
This is the one for Charlotte,

and this one is for Joshua.

Both sweaters are from the Bouton d'Or Layette and Junior magazine #13. So far I have one sleeve finished for Charlotte's sweater.

I'm substituting Cashsoft 4 ply for the Bouton d'Or Baby Superwash.

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November 1, 2005

Lacy Sweater

After months of sitting in the finishing basket, the Lacy sweater is finally complete.

The pattern is from Zoe Mellor's Adorable Knits for Tots. I used US 5 & 6 needles and 6 balls of Handknit DK in Rosy (#312) for the 2-3 year old size. While this sweater knit up quickly, I hated seaming it up. (However, the only seaming I even partially enjoy involves plain stockinette.) Only one more Lace Knit-along item waiting to be finished- the Spring Fling Cardigan.

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