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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday we attended the library Halloween Carnival where we made crafts,

listened to stories,


and ate cake.

Then we came home and carved our pumpkin. The kids were amazed at what was inside.

They did a good job scraping out the innards

and were excited to see the finished jack-o-lantern, complete with candle.

Today was more crafts
and a puppet show at the children's museum.

Then it was finally time for the trick or treating (at an indoor locale because of the rain).

And the best part of Halloween- eating the candy.

Socktoberfest wrap-up tomorrow.

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October 30, 2006

The tree has finally turned red;

it must be time for Halloween.

Here are shots from our flurry of fall activities up through Saturday.
Wednesday was Charlotte's Mission Friends party.

Saturday morning was the Botanical Gardens.






Saturday afternoon was spent at Tate's Farm.













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October 29, 2006

Sock Travels

Where have your handknit socks been?
My socks have been in VA, GA, AL, MI, TN, SC, NC, KY, MA, and CA.

What is the furthest they have traveled?
My sock war socks traveled all the way from Alabama to the UK.

My first socktoberfest socks
This is the start of my Dutchican knitting.
The pattern is the baby bootie pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and the yarn is Venice by Passport Yarn Co.

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October 27, 2006

We've been a little busy, so I've been slow to post.

She turned four on Wednesday, and is now the proud owner of a big girl bed. Almost instinctively, she was in bed and on the phone within minutes after the surprise.
She is getting to be much too big.

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October 20, 2006

Finally, after not quite a year,

Charlotte's snowflake sweater is finished.
The pattern is from the Bouton d'Or Layette and Junior magazine #13; the yarn is Cashsoft 4 ply.

We went to Bob Jones High School's homecoming parade today.

All of you city folks should appreciate the cotton fields in the background.

Waiting for a parade to start can wear a young person out.

One of the highlights was seeing the fire trucks, complete with cheerleaders.

Of course the best part was all of the candy.

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October 12, 2006

Socktoberfest- Flash Your Stash

Presenting the sock yarn stash in all its glory-
Now yesterday's post may have been deceiving. You see, my lack of socks probably isn't due to generosity. No, my guess is that it's due to deadlines for everyone's projects but mine. Projects for the kids need to be completed before they're outgrown. Projects for friends and family really should be finished by whatever holiday I'm giving them for. As for me, things are finished in-between and can wait a little longer if something else comes up. In that picture are 5 partial pairs of socks. 4 of them are intended for me.

Do you have certain patterns planned for some of the yarns? Do you buy yarn and then choose a pattern?
I'm a very basic socks kind of girl. With every skein I purchase, the intended pattern is Wendy's toe-up.

Does a certain sock yarn you have in your stash take you back to a certain event? (where you were when you bought/received it? what was going on in your life at the time!)
The Magic Stripes was a gift from my in-laws when they visited us for Christmas in VA. I knitted the other skein they gave me right away and wore those socks when I interviewed at Knit Happens.
I started the alpaca/silk socks when I was pregnant with Joshua. At the time I thought how nice my feet would feel with those socks as the pregnancy progressed. (I did actually knit on a pair of socks for Michael while I was in the hospital giving birth.)
I bought the Koigu while the movers were unloading into our new home in AL. We were in a new place, but at least the yarn was familiar.
The Knit Happens yarn reminds me of our VA trip the first fall we were living down here. It was a wonderful vacation, complete with train travel. I actually completed most of a pair of red socks for my sister on that trip.
I have knit socks while house hunting, looking at Christmas lights, visiting the zoo, being monitered for pre-term labor, and visiting my grandfather for the last time before he died. More than any other project, finished socks seem to carry the most memories. Most of the other skeins in the stash were purchased at yarn sales, and while they may not have much to say now, I'm sure they'll have plenty of memories knit into them.

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October 11, 2006

Socktoberfest- Sock History

I'm a week behind, but here are my answers.
When did you start making socks? Did you teach yourself or were you taught by a friend or relative? or in a class?
I bought my yarn and dpns on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2003. Armed with Wendy's toe-up pattern and the internet, I started knitting that night.

What was your first pair? How have they "held up" over time?
My first pair was made from two balls of Schoeller Stahl sock yarn in color 9069. They were a gift for my sister that Christmas. I haven't heard otherwise, so I assume they're still alive and kicking.

What would you have done differently?
I would have made the cuffs longer. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this was a problem until I made a pair for me. To those whose got socks for Christmas that year, I hope you liked your anklets.

What yarns have you particularly enjoyed?
Texture wise, I love Koigu and Lorna's Laces. Colorwise though, I'm a sucker for self patterning yarn. My favorite socks were made of Opal Lollipop #1010.

Do you like to crochet your socks? or knit them on DPNs, 2 circulars, or using the Magic Loop method?
I'm all about size 0 pony pearl dpns. The only thing that could make them better would be if I found and bought the shorter length.

Which kind of heel do you prefer? (flap? or short-row?)
Short-row, no contest. I'm lazy about finishing work- including sewing and picking up stitches. Knitting toe-up with short-row heels eliminates excuses to put down the socks and never pick them up again.

How many pairs have you made?
18 and out of all those, only one pair was for me.

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October 10, 2006

The Rest of the Birthday Swag

I streched my birthday out long enough; here's the rest of the stash enhancement.
Yarn and the pattern for the t-shirt sweater
Yarn for a Tempting II
Yarn to make Julia
I was also pleasantly surprised to receive the Denim People book and a Yarn Expressions gift certificate. I guess my friends and family know that I like to knit.

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October 3, 2006

Another Sock Wars Victim

The victim, Crsattic, was found dead in her driveway, apparently having just checked her mail. The cause of death is unclear, however, there was a suspicious looking package found on the scene. It contained these.
The investigation is ongoing.

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