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June 10, 2008

12.8 pounds

That's how much yarn is left in my current bag of charity yarn. At a half pound a week, I'll have this one knocked out around the end of the year. There'll be lots more critter knitters in the future. Here's this week's:

Last week, we checked out the new exhibits at Sci-Quest. My favorite was the playmotion! screens.
stay very still to make a snowman

push the balls to play pool

don't let the volleyballs hit the ground

I hear the job outlook is great in the field of giant dentistry. Of course you run the risk of having your bones ground to make bread, but that's what keeps the job demand so high!

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June 9, 2008

I'm just that special kind of crazy.

It was a miserably hot (mid 90s), sunny summer day today, so I took the kids to Point Mallard. It was just me with all three kids. Charlotte and Josh had fun, and even Nathaniel did ok for a little while. Then the heat, sun, and lack of air conditioning, shade, and his crib made him as mad as a hornet. He has never pitched a fit like this. It took leaving the park and about ten minutes in the car before he calmed down. There'll be no more water park unless Michael is there to help.

Joshua was excited to get his socks today.
They haven't left his feet since I took this picture; he even went to bed with them on. Already, he's asking about his next pair. The added bonus is that Charlotte, who swore off hand-knitted socks, has picked out some yarn and eagerly awaits her pair. Joshua's socks used Wendy's pattern and a skein of Koigu KPPPM.

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June 5, 2008

These scarves are addicting!

The third Purl Scarf for this year's holiday season.

3 skein DB Soho in color 37521 and 1 skein each of CP Kid Merino in Violets and Berry

Due to wind concerns, we didn't see any hot air balloons at this year's Jubilee, but we did ride ponies and rocket cars.



This picture describes the kids perfectly- three little Energizer Bunnies.

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June 3, 2008

Charity Knitting

One more Critter Knitter for the box.

With school out, the kids and I are trying hard to stay busy. We've been to Jump Zone,


and I've brought out the pool.

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June 2, 2008

Project Spectrum June/July

The current PS element is Air and the colors selected are white, gray, and yellow.

With their spots of yellow, Joshua's socks are this week's PS project.

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