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March 23, 2010

The Moving Process

I'm afraid from my end, this move will make for a long few months. The kids will finish out the school year here, and then we'll be staying with family until our house is built. Once we're there, things get even crazier. The kids start their new schools, and we get a new baby.
I am excited about our new home. It's a two story with a partial basement that gives us about twice the room we have now. The laundry room is upstairs with the bedrooms. We have a loft area just outside of Charlotte and the boys' bedrooms that will be a playroom. Plus it has a nice kitchen and two and half baths. (For all the time I'm spending throwing up lately, another toilet is a real plus.) We're building on a good sized corner lot, and we're about a block from the elementary school. A clubhouse and pool will be going in soon, and it seems that most of the neighborhood so far is young families. So the next few months will be tough, and I'm not looking forward to finishing out this move about six weeks before my due date, but it should be for a good prize in the end. Besides, I'm not the first person to change doctors at the end of a pregnancy, and I won't be the last; people get through it just fine.
Speaking of the pregnancy, tomorrow marks 15 weeks. Hopefully the nausea will be decreasing soon. I'm down seven pounds so far, and I'm sure the doctor would like to see some weight in the plus column soon. In the next month we'll also get to see the baby again. It's reassuring that no matter how crazy life is getting out here, I can count on this baby for a set time line of doctor's visits and milestones.

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March 22, 2010

Goodbye Alabama

You've been good to us the last five and a half years, but the time has come to move on. Chicago, here we come.

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