October 27, 2006

We've been a little busy, so I've been slow to post.

She turned four on Wednesday, and is now the proud owner of a big girl bed. Almost instinctively, she was in bed and on the phone within minutes after the surprise.
She is getting to be much too big.

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oh my! the years they do fly! happy belated birthday charlotte!

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

I guess you'd better get used to the phone in bed thing. :) My daughter is 12 and when she gets a call, she heads to her room. What's it going to be like when she's a teenager?! :)

Charlotte is so cute and so much personality comes through in your photos!

Happy belated birthday to you, Charlotte!

LOL! That's hilarious about the phone. Addie already loves the phone (toy ones) so I do believe it's nature and not nurture. =) Happy birthday to your sweet little munchkin!

Happy Birthday Charlotte. My they do grow so fast dont they. She looks like she loves her bed, which is great. Our daughter is 5 and still prefers to sleep with us, which can be rather tiresome, so as soon as she is asleep we pop her into her bed. I remember when I used to read the Knit Happens blog and there was a picture of Charlotte as a baby on it, that's how I originally found your blog. Long time ago now.

Cute photos! She looks so grownup in the bottom one.

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