October 20, 2006

Finally, after not quite a year,

Charlotte's snowflake sweater is finished.
The pattern is from the Bouton d'Or Layette and Junior magazine #13; the yarn is Cashsoft 4 ply.

We went to Bob Jones High School's homecoming parade today.

All of you city folks should appreciate the cotton fields in the background.

Waiting for a parade to start can wear a young person out.

One of the highlights was seeing the fire trucks, complete with cheerleaders.

Of course the best part was all of the candy.

Posted by crsattic at 11:30 PM | 6 Comments


The sweater is great. I can't believe we missed the parade. It's an overnighter with Roshawn. He would have enjoyed it. Glad you guys had a good time.

charlotte looks very fetching in snowflake! i haven't been to a homecoming parade in years - hmmmm - and i live a 5 minute walk from a high school too....

Beautiful sweater! I bet the kiddos had a great time at the parade. How far apart are they in age? I love the pic of them holding hands--so sweet!

I love Charlotte's sweater, it looks so pretty on her. Looks as though you all had fun at the parade too.

Charlotte's sweater is so pretty and she looks adorable in it! It looks like the parade was lots of fun.

Beautiful sweater, she looks so cute in it.

Oh I used to love homecoming parades when I was in school. There was just always something fun about them.

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