October 3, 2006

Another Sock Wars Victim

The victim, Crsattic, was found dead in her driveway, apparently having just checked her mail. The cause of death is unclear, however, there was a suspicious looking package found on the scene. It contained these.
The investigation is ongoing.

Posted by crsattic at 8:02 PM | 7 Comments


I like the chalk outline. Now that the Sock Wars are over for you, you can relax. I think I might welcome death about now.

Very funny !
I'm awaiting imminent death. I enjoyed knitting the socks,but not the general chaos !

Clever post! :)

Okay I think that may qualify for one of the most creative posts ever. I wonder what your neighbors thought when you were drawing out the chalk outline.

LOL! I couldn't find my chalk the day I died, good on you! I hope you enjoy those socks! The caution tape is a great addition!

He he he! You're funny! :)

Haha...you had me there for a minute! :)
Pretty socks!

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