January 19, 2004


After reading Greta's post yesterday, I decided to actually list blog links on my page. Up until now I'd just use other people's links lists, but I'm reading enough blogs to where I'm using 4 or 5 different lists - not very efficient. I had avoided listing links because I didn't want to leave anyone feeling slighted because I hadn't linked to their site. So, if you're not on the list, I'm sorry, it's only the first draft, and there's a good chance I'll add you at some point. Also, if you check out my list, Michael Tiffany is my husband and his link will not take you to a knitting site. You have been warned.
My interview on Friday went really well. I'm trying to get a job teaching crochet classes at a LYS. Yes, I said the evil c-word. You see, while I'm currently smitten with knitting, I have to confess that crochet was my first love. My three year fling with knitting doesn't hold a candle to my thirteen year relationship with crochet. (Actually, I'm enjoying knitting more than crochet lately.) Anyway, before we moved to Virginia, I'd taught crochet classes at Michaels and as part of the Options program at GA Tech. It's been almost a year since I taught and I'll be excited to start up again.
Thanks for all of the kind comments regarding Charlotte's jacket. No progress pics today; the jacket is still not completely flowered. Maybe tomorrow will bring a finished project. If you are following the GSRP cable box, Caroline has received it and sent it off.

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That sounds like a wonderful job! I hope it all works out well for you!

I'm a "johnny-come-lately" to knitting as well.
I've only been knitting for a year but learned to crochet at age 7 (28 years ago!! eek!)
I think there are a lot of us out there who started with crochet first!

Funny, the little tiny knitting drives me mad (socks, arrgh!) but I can do thread crochet, no problem! I did a zillion little crocheted lace snowflake ornaments to send out with my christmas cards last year.

Now maybe I'll have to start a crochet project since I'm thinking about it. I give in so easily to the power of suggestion! :)

I wonder how many other knitters are crocheters as well?!

One cool thing about having your own links is that when someone links my site from your site, your url shows up my referral source list and if it's a new site to me, then I wanna come visit you and see what you're up to!

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