January 15, 2004

Knit Along Mania

I've joined two new knit alongs in the last week. The first one is the Vintage Knits Along. To take part in this knit along, you have to make something from the book Vintage Knits. I plan on making the short-sleeved ribbed lace sweater. Look for this project to begin next month. Laurin is sponsoring this knit-along so if you're interested check out her site for the details.
The second knit along is the Men Along sponsored by Johanna. Check out her January 13th post for all the info. All you have to do for this one is knit something for one of the men in your life. I'm knitting gloves for my husband and brother.
And I haven't forgotten about the Sonnet Along. Both Sonnet and Haiku have been sitting at the bottom of my WIP basket, waiting to be finished. Look for these two to resurface next month. A few people have finished their Sonnets, but there are also several people just starting so if you're interested, it's not too late to join.
I'm slowly advancing on the Guideposts Sweater; I should finish the front today. Charlotte's jacket is also seeing some progress.
Only four more flowers to go!
So far, I've only finished one pair of socks from my January to do list. However, the jacket is nearly completed, the guideposts sweater is coming along, and there aren't any other big projects to finish this month. The gloves shouldn't take too long and the other socks are baby size for Charlotte.
I have a job interview tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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Good luck with your job interview!!

Charlotte's jacket looks sooooo cute! You'll have to share a picture of her wearing it!

good luck!!!! Many positive thoughts coming your way! (Gorgeous sweater with the flowers, too.)

I love Charlotte's jacket. The embroidery is beautiful. Takes lots of patience.

Thanks for all of the encouragement. The interview went well; I'll probably be able to say more on Monday. I agree Uli, the embroidery does take a lot of patience. Unfortunately, I haven't had enough patience all at once to finish it up sooner. At least it's still big on Charlotte.

Oh my goodness, that sweater with the flowers is just beautiful. It looks like an heirloom! Can't wait to see your Vintage Knits Sweater, I've been wondering about that one myself...

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