January 20, 2004

The Finished Jacket

After 6 long months, the Debbie Bliss Embroidered Jacket is finally finished. Here's the jacket.

Here's a flower close-up.

And here's Charlotte modeling the finished product.

I made this in the 12-18 month size. Luckily, it's pretty big, even on Charlotte who's almost 15 months. Without a huge growth spurt, Charlotte should be able to wear it this fall.

Posted by crsattic at 7:39 PM | 5 Comments


Yayyyyy! Congratulations on finishing! It looks wonderful! And of course, Miss Charlotte looks beautiful in her new finery!

The Debbie Bliss came out beautifully! Charlotte looks great in it, and since it's dark it should stand up to the extreme use of a toddler :)

I'm jealous. You're making real progress on your January to do list. I won't even be finished with my Men-Along in January!

The embroidered sweater is just beautiful! You did a wonderful job. Charlotte is cute as can be :)

Great job! I know those flowers took a lot of work. Charlotte looks so cute!

Charlotte is a cutie and the jacket just looks great on her. All that embroidery!!! I did a simple embroidered children's cardigan once for a charity craft sale but it was just Lazy Daisy stitches and that was lots of work (I was still a teenager then). And then I did a really nice cardigan for Erika when she was around 1 year old that needed embroidery and I did the embroidered flowers on the front but didn't put them on the sleeves and the back as the pattern suggested. So I admire you for your "stick with it" attitude to get all that pretty embroidery done.

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