January 27, 2004

Knitting Without Fear

Thank you all for your concern. My back is feeling better today. Once I'm back to 100%, I'm taking Greta's advice and trying Pilates.
Last night, I found a mistake in one of my cables five rows down from my current row. This time I did not rip out the whole sweater. I also did not rip out the last five rows of the entire sweater. Instead, I pulled out only the five rows in that panel. I then reknit the five rows in that section and now, it looks no different than any of the other panels. I've handled dropped stitches before, but that seems easy compared this. It is very reassuring to know that even if the pattern is complicated, I'm capable of fixing my mistakes. Here's the Weekend sweater progress so far.
This is what the pattern looks like close up.
I'm using the tan Cashmerino Aran.
Also, here are Charlotte's socks.
We're both very glad to have these finished and wearable. Charlotte is in a stage now where she wants to put on anything she can find - especially shoes and socks. It was very difficult keeping these away from her until they were complete.

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Oooh! Cable-y goodness!
That cashmerino aran looks yummy. I have yet to see the yarn at either of my two LYS, but I can just imagine how soft it is!
It is scary to drop down multiple stitches and fix mistakes, but it's a great feeling of accomplishment when you don't have to rip out entire rows!

Charlotte's little feet look adorable in her new socks! I'm glad she likes them!

Charlotte's socks are great! my almost-2 year-old grandson wants to put all socks, mittens and gloves on-mostly on his hands...maybe a developmental stage?
cables are sumptuous, too. Nice work!

I'm not afraid to drop down several rows in a simple pattern to fix mistakes, but doubt that I could do it with such complicated cables. Is that something you taught yourself? I'm in awe ;) The socks look terrific! My son is also very into footwear. He likes to wear his yellow rubber boots with nothing else on but his diaper. I guess he thinks it's a good look for him, lol!

charlotte's socks look soooo cute! i just love the way her feet look in that pic. and what perfect colors for her :)

i'm getting quite jealous of all your FO work this month. i've completed one thing this month! unless you consider starting new projects an accomplishment ;)

congrats on the drop fix for the cable. the first time i tried it all i could think is "this'll never look good"...but amazingly it does! do you have a pic of the sweater? i'm curious to see what it looks like. not that i need to add something else to the pile of WIPs lol

Charlotte's socks are great. I still "owe" Erika a pair of little socks from some leftover yarn. I'd better get to it.

Those cables look beautiful. Nice work.

Charlotte's little feet look so precious, give her a big kiss from grandma. I guess I don't have to worry about you & Michael staying warm if you keep making all of these nice warm clothes. We all miss you lots!

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