January 6, 2004

One Project Completed, Another in the Works

Here are the completed jelly bean socks.
Thanks again to my in-laws for the sock yarn. They also gave me a ball of Magic Stripes in the Purple Pattern which I plan on using next month.
With the socks finished, I've started on the Guideposts sweater. Last month, Sarah put a call out for a charity sweater knit along. Finished sweaters are sent to the Guideposts Sweater Project. Children's sweaters from sizes 2-12 are accepted. My contribution will be this sweater.
The pattern is number 36 from the Fall 2001 issue of FCEK. I have a lot of black Lion's Brand Jiffy floating around in my stash so I'm using that in place of the Wool Ease Chunky called out for in the pattern.

Posted by crsattic at 1:08 AM | 4 Comments


I can't believe you already got the second sock done! You are so fast with those. I haven't started mine yet because I'm making the matching fun fur purse for Megan first.

Hope the sweater goes quickly also.

Hey Christina. I love those socks! I've added your name to the Vintage Knits-along site. Let me know how the progress goes.

First of all, I have to say that Charlotte looks just darling in her "ensemble"! I'm glad she likes wearing them. I made mitts for one of my nieces and she refuses to wear tham!

Your socks, as usual, look wonderful. I marvel at how quickly you manage to complete them!
I love the jelly bean color scheme. It's the perfect thing to bring a bit of color to winter!

Love the socks!Inspires me to finish up some of my languishing sock projects....I'll keep you posted on the sweater softener project!

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