January 26, 2004


I haven't touched the Guideposts Sweater in about a week. Instead, I spent the weekend finishing Charlotte's socks, starting on gloves for my husband and brother, and starting the Weekend sweater. My defense is that I did finish two projects last week and everything I'm working on is on my list for this month. Besides, how long could I resist projects made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or Peruvian Collection Baby Silk?
We're snowed in today, so Michael is home from work. I managed to hurt my back over the last two days, so it's great to have him around for helping with Charlotte. However, I don't know how much I'll get to work on his gloves.
Stay warm today!

Posted by crsattic at 10:20 AM | 3 Comments


I hope your back feels better soon! I hear that the weather back there is nasty, so it sounds like a good "stay at home" day.
Have fun with your new projects!

sorry to hear of your back injury. when i hurt my back many years ago it became the most humbling experiennce of my life! used up all the benefits at work and thought I would have to sell my home! Now it is OK-I'm much better at taking care of myself! Hope your recovery goes well. Hard to knit flat on one's back!

oh, extra prayers for your back! I have a fabulous chiropracter (sp?) and once I'm off the restrictions from eye surgery, it's back to Pilates for me. Seriously, pun intended....yoga and pilates are great for strengthening the musculature that supports the back...happy knitting!

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