May 16, 2012

It's Time For A Public Service Announcement

This is Nathaniel.

This is Nathaniel after attempting Spinjitzu on a bicycle.


Any questions?

Posted by crsattic at 2:22 PM | 5 Comments


Oh, that shouldn't be funny, but the way you put it made me laugh. Poor boy. So no cast? Maybe we can draw zombies for his splint! :)

Nope, no cast- just a brace (with a lock so he can't remove it). He can wear it to go swimming, but no bike or playground for the next 4 weeks. He goes back on June 13th, and we should be all good at that point.

That certainly is not a happy smile! I can just picture him trying spinjitzu on a bike. Funny boy! Maybe you can let him decorate the brace with a few stickers.

Oh, noes! I hope the healing is swift! xo

Thanks, Sarah. He should get the doctor's all clear when we go back on June 13th, but for now he's driving me nuts with all of the begging to do the stuff he's not allowed to do.

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