November 5, 2010

What a Week

Sunday- The trick for our Halloween was no electricity due to someone hitting a power pole just outside the subdivision. Power was restored about 9:30 that night.
Monday- Madelyn doesn't let me sleep until 3AM and then won't sleep for longer than 15-20 minute stretches during the day. I'm exhausted just in time for...
Tuesday- No school! Just when I'm ready to send back the older two, Charlotte wakes up vomiting.
Wednesday- Charlotte stays home. Joshua gets home sounding awful because he has croup. Nathaniel throws up at dinner. Joshua throws up in the middle of the night.
Thursday- Everyone is home. Joshua sounds worse and by dinner is running a fever. Charlotte is sick again during the night.
Friday- So everyone is home again today, and I'm posting at 3 in the morning because Madelyn won't sleep. I'm praying for a return to normalcy soon.

Posted by crsattic at 2:32 AM | 3 Comments


Sounds like it has been a pretty miserable week. Sorry to hear that the three older kids have been sick. It's bad enough that Madelyn isn't sleeping or napping very well, but to be that tired and have sick kids is just awful! Hope things get better soon.

Oh my gosh - what a horrible week! I am so sorry. Hope everyone gets better soon!

Oh dear! I hope you are all well again and getting all the sleep that you need.

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