July 7, 2008


Joshua is growing into such a sweet and loving little boy. He's quick to hand out the hugs and kisses, and is very appreciative of everything you do for him.
I actually finished this sweater at the end of May, but it's taken awhile to photograph and post it. He loves wearing it and is very proud that I made it for him. Now I just need to add the arm trim and side seam Nathaniel's tank so that they can wear them together.

Here is Joshua at his show day for The Little Gym.




He really enjoys his classes there, and was very excited to show off what he'd learned.

It's been a hard week taking care of the kids. Joshua had a double ear infection and both Charlotte and Nathaniel had croup. Toss in a tooth that Nathaniel has been trying to cut for two weeks now, and you have a very crabby group of children.

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You're right!! Joshua really is a loving little boy. He looks cute in the new top and so capable at The Little Gym. We loved having you visit! So sad that all of the kids have been sick. Glad that Josh won't need tubes yet. Give that baby something to chew on (your hand?!) and get that tooth through! Love to all!

Good for you for being able to write a lovely, positive post in the midst of misery. I hope you are all feeling fabulous soon. I've missed seeing you.

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