March 13, 2008

Miss Diva

Charlotte attended a birthday party at Little Divas' Day Out and loved it. First the girls go to wardrobe for their costumes.
Next, it's time for hair and make-up.


Afterwards, the girls dance on the stage, walk the red carpet, and sing on the karaoke machine. They had a blast.

Charlotte is also very excited to wear her new sweater.
Pattern: Cindy from Rowan Babies
Yarn: 5 skeins Rowan Cork in SH049
Needle sizes: US 10½ and US 11

Posted by crsattic at 8:41 AM | 2 Comments


Charlotte is looking like such a little lady now isnt she. She is growing up so quickly. The party sounds like a lot of fun for little girls. I love the sweater too, it looks gorgeous on her.

Charlotte looks so grown up in her new sweater. I have seen a commercial for that Diva place. Charlotte's pictures are way more appealing than that ad.

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