August 27, 2007


Pattern: Harry from Jaeger #29
Yarn: 1 ball each of RYC Cashsoft in Spa, Jaeger Matchmaker 4 ply in Thyme, Baby Merino 4-ply in Pearl, and 2 balls Baby Merino in Blue Ball
I originally started this sweater for Josh in May 2006. Although all of the pieces were knitted by last September, it took me until now to finish it. Instead of Joshua, this sweater will go to Pollywog in the next couple of years.

The next sweater in the queue is MacDonald. Here is the back.

Posted by crsattic at 3:12 PM | 2 Comments


We missed you! The sweater is great. Hope to see you again soon.

Oh so lucky that your having another boy so that the cardigan can stay and be worn by someone in your family. It turned out so nicely. I'm afraid the one I started knitting last year is still sitting in a bag in my wardrobe. I love the other sweater too, so nice.

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