June 23, 2007

We're past the halfway point.

Here's the belly at 20 weeks.


We had our big ultrasound Wednesday, and I was shocked to find out Pollywog is another boy. I was convinced this one was a girl. With that said, I'm so excited to have another son. Charlotte wasn't too pleased at first, but watching the ultrasound video helped warm her up to the idea of another brother.

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You're looking great!

Beth is right, you do look great! You must be watching your Ben & Jerry's intake. I was twice that big at 20 weeks with AJ (who was my second and made me look bigger, sooner, anyway). It was my nightly date with B & J that did it.

Wow, you are looking good! I am 14 weeks and 5 days--right behind you! :)

congrats on the boy! How very exciting.

Oh and tell Charlotte she just may be very happy when she's a teenager to have two brothers because a sister might steal all her makeup! :-)

congratulations on another son, i love boys, though i only have one - he was very low-maintenance, must be a combination of only son and middle-child syndrome....

I'm so excited! I'll admit I already went and bought some flannel in "boy colors." :)
I thought Charlotte might throw a fit. I'm glad she's not too upset!

Yay! A boy!

You look so tiny for 20 weeks. I am sure that Charlotte will love the baby no matter what, so congratulations on your baby being a boy. At least Joshua will have a nice playmate close to his age, and be able to play the same things too.

Hi, I am visiting for the first time today and I must say that your tummy is tiny! Congrats on your baby boy!

so you already have a boy and a girl? how fun! I have two boys and it is magical - they are best friends! Our third is due in 8 weeks but it's a surprise!
You do look fabulous - good luck!

Congrats! Hooray! Boys rock!

Congrats! Hooray! Boys rock!

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