May 28, 2007

Confession Time

To be honest, I'd really thought I was doing well reducing the yarn stash. Then, I did the tub test.


Summer is starting; it's a good time to reevaluate my goals and join the Summer Stash Out.


My Goals for Summer 2007 (Memorial- Labor Day)
1. Finish 5 pairs of socks
2. Finish 8 scarves
3. Finish 6 sweaters- Harry, Wills, Macdonald, Truelove, Holly, and Little Trees
4. Row 300 of the My House Blanket

If you're also setting summer goals, check out this contest before the 31st. If you feel like it, mention that you heard about it here.

Posted by crsattic at 4:40 PM | 7 Comments


What great projects you have planned! (Also, congratulations on your other big project!)

Are you sure that that bathtub isnt pregnant with skeins of yarn. It seems to have grown since the last time. Good luck with all of your projects too, and I cant wait to see the blanket too.

Those are great goals! I love your tub yarn pictures.

All of that yarn is a lovely sight. Looks like you have some pretty ambitious summer knitting goals.

love the stash picture! looks like you have enough to open up a little store....

WOW, and you have a huge garden tub. I think someone is going to be super busy this summer.........

So I want to know what the big Blue project is!

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