April 4, 2007

Current WIP

I haven't posted a lot lately because most of my energy is going toward a very important project. This is my third time using this pattern, and I really like the end product. I've already made both variations, and I'm guessing this one will be another girly one. Hopefully, it'll be determined sometime this summer.

Status after 9 weeks
Completion expected around the beginning of November.

Posted by crsattic at 10:25 PM | 10 Comments


Oh what wonderful news. It seems that blogging and pregnancy go hand in hand, although I have no plans of any more. I cant wait to see what you knit for the new baby too.

looks like your project is coming along nicely! congratulations to you and your family!

Congratulations!!!! Save your stamina for 'little' knitting projects ;-)

What exciting news!!! Congratulations!

You look beautiful !!! I'm sure your finished product will be as amazing as the last two creations.......

Woohoo! How wonderful! Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy (and mom, and baby...)!

Congratulations! I love the pattern and you do such an amazing job with it!

Congratulations!!! How exciting!



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