February 3, 2007


The Scooby sweater is finished.
Pattern: Fitted Ribbed Sweater from Hollywood Knits
Yarn: 17 skeins of GGH Goa color #34
I ran out of yarn, so the neck is not as high as in the pattern. The yarn is a bulky cotton acrylic, so it's lightweight and warm. Now that January is finished, it's time to look ahead to this month's sweater.

Posted by crsattic at 11:09 PM | 8 Comments


It's great and you look great in it! For me, the neck not being as high would be a good thing.

Nice work! 17 skeins??? Sheesh!

Congrats!! I'm glad to see you finally wearing it!

Wow! Your sweater is scoobylicous! and I'm with Kristi, 17 skeins is a whole lot of yarn and knitting!! Great job. Your February sweater is also really cute. I can't wait to see it finished.

How cute! You look just like a (waaay cuter) Velma (wasn't that her name?). Congratulations!

The sweater looks really nice! Congratulations!

Might have taken 2 years to complete, but it was worth it. The sweater looks fantastic on you.

C, you look FABULOUS! That is the biggest smile I've seen on you in ages. I hope you're doing well, and the sweater looks great.

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