February 18, 2007

Charlotte's First Musical

Yesterday, Charlotte and I attended Huntsville High School's production of "Beauty and the Beast". With a budget of over $50,000, it was much more elaborate than any high school production I'd ever seen. The "Be Our Guest" scene was incredible with 68 dancers on stage at once. Charlotte thought it was too long, but loved meeting the characters in the lobby after.

Posted by crsattic at 10:10 PM | 4 Comments


Charlotte is so cute! I can just imagine how excited she was to see all the characters.

I am sure Charlotte would have loved it. I cant believe Joshua is already in his own big bed. Goes so fast. He looks so cute fast asleep, and the blanket is looking good too. You must knit very fast.

Aw. What an amazing drama department they must have!

The blanket looks great, and a high school budget for a play of $50,000! That's insane. Of course I grew up in rural Iowa, they were lucky if they had $5,000.

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