February 7, 2007

Big E, Little e, What Begins With E?

There is a very cute alphabet blanket in the new Rowan Classic Mother and Baby, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what the E picture is. Any guesses?

Here's half of February's sock pair.
I'll have a lot of car time over the weekend, so I might be up to the heel on the next sock by the time I post again Sunday.

Posted by crsattic at 11:27 PM | 7 Comments


hmm.... could it be Ebola?

I think it's an egg in an egg cup. Like the way they serve soft-boiled eggs? Not that I've ever had a soft-boiled egg. But I've seen them in older children's books (maybe Bread and Jam for Frances?)

Wow, I can't figure it out either. But I think Katie might be on to something. It's a really cute blanket though!

I'd have to guess egg in an egg cup, too. But it really doesn't look very much like that. Your sock looks great!

I'm going with e is for eagle. Kind of a weird choice, but the only thing I see in the picture.

Yes my first instinct was the egg in the eggcup before the shell is broken. My sister and I used to have soft boiled eggs, slice the top of the shell off it and dip in strips of toast to soak up the yolk. Very nice, and it has been quite a long time since I did that!

My roommate and I were pondering that one. I'm guessing Easter basket, and she's guessing the "ECKHH" sound of a camel spitting. We're not much help, I know. Hope you had a fun trip!

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