January 20, 2007

Hearts and Stars

The baby blanket is finally complete!
Pattern: Hearts and Stars from Adorable Knits for Tots
Yarn: 7 balls Bubblegum Cotton-ease

I've been thinking about my stash reduction. I'm on a yarn diet, which will keep out new yarn, but I need to set some FO goals. I joined the sweater a month kal. The first three sweaters (Scooby, Marc, and Harry) just need collars and seaming, so it should be easy to make it to April. I'd also like to knock out a Christmas present a month to ease the holiday stress. My last goal is to finish twelve pairs of socks this year. If I can meet all three, I'll think my stash will be in good shape by 2008.

Posted by crsattic at 11:50 PM | 4 Comments


I love that blanket. It is so cute and you knit it well. Those would be pretty hefty fo goals for me. I don't think I could do that. You amaze me. Even if a sweater or pair of socks is intended to be a Christmas gift, that is still a lot of knitting.

The blanket turned out so well! You did a nice job on it. I've been finding that it really helps to set knitting goals like you have. It's been helping me this year. You'll accomplish a lot this year!

Gorgeous blanket, and I love the dark pink too. What a great way to do your christmas pressies too, maybe I will have to follow your lead as well.

Oh I absolutely love that blanket. I'm almost wishing I would have chose that design for one of the twins blankets.

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