November 14, 2006

Sizzle Countdown

The KAL for Sizzle ends tomorrow, and I'm only 15.5 inches up the back
Let the armhole shaping begin.

For those of you with kids-
How long does it take for your child (and the rest of family) to stop being sick all the time once they start school? Last week was the first time in a month that Charlotte wasn't sick and could go to school both days. (Of course, Michael was sick instead.) We have had something different each week- fifths disease, bad cold, stomach bug- and now that it seems she'll be well again she gets a fever today. I just want to get back to our regular schedule. Will we go through all this again when Joshua starts school, or we will be immune by then?

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I don't remember how often my daughter was sick in preschool. But she missed 23 days of kindergarten and was on her way to that in 1st grade. The next time she got strep, the doctor was going to recommend having her adenoids removed. But then we started homeschooling and that helped.

I know it's a trying and exhausting time.

I can't offer advice on the kids, not having any. But don't worry about the KAL, the whole point is to enjoy it, and if you are running a bit behind, who cares?

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