November 30, 2006

Not Quite There

The raglan seams are sewn and the neck has been started, but we didn't make it for a November finish. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of December, but for now, gift knitting is taking center stage. The best thing about the National Sweater Knitting Month KAL was focusing on one of my sweaters because that doesn't happen very often.
Family health still isn't great. Charlotte and I are well; Josh and Mike are still sick. Unless he makes a miraculous overnight recovery, Josh is going to the doctor tomorrow. At least they can prescribe some stronger medicine to help with his cough. I'm hoping everyone can be somewhat healthy for December; I'd hate for the kids to miss their special holiday events at school and church.

Posted by crsattic at 11:23 PM | 3 Comments


I really hope they all get better. It's so tough with little ones. Right now we're all fine, but Davis has started coughing again. Argh.

Your sweater is looking great! It'll be a snap to finish after your gift knitting is done.

Sorry to hear Josh still isn't feeling well and your husband is sick.

I'm so glad to see that sweater almost completed!! It has been a long time coming! I hope everyone is beginning to feel better.

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