August 17, 2006


Thanks to Amy's wonderful work, Joshua has finally found a place in the blog header. Thank you Amy, it looks great.
Charlotte started preschool today.
It's only four hours/ two days a week, but I was still a little teary leaving her this morning. She of course loves it and would like to live there from now on.
I'm plugging away at the seaming on Spring Fling. I think it would look much more flattering if I was about 15 pounds lighter, so I'm not sure how much wear it will get this summer.
For a quick fix, I made another baby hat- this time for the Caps for the Capital campaign.
The mug is there to give you an idea of how small this hat is.
Speaking of baby hats, check out the awesome response of knitters for Jeanne's breastfeeding awareness initiative.

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oh, i love the new blog header - love that joshua is included! and charlotte in preschool already - my, where has the time gone?

Grandma is so proud of her big school girl !! I can't wait to hear all about your 1st day of school.............

Oh that's a hard change, my boss sends her daughter off to college this week. I think she may have a permanent ticket to that college!

Hey, Christina!
My son starts preschool next week---four hours/day, 2 days/wk, just like Charlotte. I'm having a difficult time with it, too. But I know he's going to love it. I'm glad Charlotte is having such a grand time.

The first day of kindergarten is going to kill me.

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