July 17, 2006

Halfway Through the SOS

After 7 weeks, I've made 23 FOs, including the H2O hat.
Only 2 FOs off pace

And for your viewing pleasure-
Charlotte the Pink,

Charlotte the Blue,

and Charlotte the Go Go Dancer
This is what happens when the kids outgrow your knits.

Posted by crsattic at 10:52 PM | 7 Comments


i love charlotte the pink! and she's a picture perfect model! i haven't had one fo for a while now, i think cause i've got too many projects going at once, but i've narrowed it down to concentrating on just two for now....

Hey, I love your hat, such a nice style! And little Charlotte seems to be the perfect model, what a cutie she is - I especially love her in pink! Great pics, thanks for sharing!

Grandma sends all "three" of the Miss Charlottes a BIG kiss !!!
P.S. Where are the "three" Joshuas ???
I send them a kiss also .......

Now she's a kid with style! What fun.

Charlotte looks so cute as a go go dancer. She seems like she loves having her picture taken too.

What a cute little go-go girl! She reminds me of "Laugh In". And I'm not really even old enough to remember that!


Your kids are SO PRECIOUS!! Love the Go-Go outfit!! LOL!!

I found your site from Rebeka's site when she mentioned she had received your critter blanket pkg. from Alabama. I am in ALabama as well and would love if you would email me! I have found several great gals here in Alabama and we all email and wanted to add you to the list. So far we have Birmingham, Trussville, Alabaster, Florence just to name a few!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

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