July 31, 2006

First SOS Exception Used

29 balls of cotton ease from Smiley's

Posted by crsattic at 10:45 PM | 4 Comments


Whoa! Talk about your exceptions; you definitely deserve it. We missed you Monday. We would not have given you a hard time about it or anything.

You got me beat. I only bought 21 balls :)

How lucky are you. I wish I could try that wonderful Cotton Ease but I just took a peek at the website and unfortunately they dont ship to Australia.

I'm a relatively new knitter so I was astonished when I emptied the sales bin of all the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk in green and yellow - 50% off! By then I'd realized that a one skein impulse buy is too frustrating, so I bought them out. It's taken me a while to decide what to knit with it but I've decided I want to give my mother a scrumptious scarf, hat and pair of glove/mitten. You made a pair of gloves a year ago. Did they wear well? Did they keep his hands warm? Thanks!

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