June 16, 2006

Wings, Warts, and Wonder

The kids and I spent the day in the new children's garden at the Botanical Gardens.

The butterfly habitat is amazing. Here's the view from the top of the waterfall.

It has fish, quail, frogs, a snake, and, of course, butterflies.
They'll be adding hummingbirds, turtles, and a bee habitat.

And that's just the inside part. Outside, there are lots of little gardens. In the dinosaur garden, there's a sand pit where kids dig for "fossils". There's A Half Acre Woods where kids can play Pooh sticks on the Burro Bridge.
See the Eeyore tail?

In the Fairytale/ Storybook Garden, there's a troll bridge, a wishing well (complete with a frog prince), a gnome house, toadstool seats, and a fairy gate.

There's also a maze, a rainbow garden (with bubbles and prisms), and a space garden.
After playing hard outside, there's nothing like ice cream from the gift shop to cool you off.

Posted by crsattic at 11:47 PM | 5 Comments


what a fun place for the kids! mmmm....ice cream always hits the spot on a nice sunny day!

What a great family adventure. I love the butterfly picture.

Wow, it sounds like such a lovely place. I want to dig for fossils!

What an awesome place! They look like they had a great time...particularly with the ice cream ;-)

What a neat place! I love those double wagons--a friend of mine has one for her two girls.

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