June 7, 2006

Joshua's Summer Cut


Posted by crsattic at 8:04 PM | 6 Comments


oh my! a big boy cut - how handsome!

This deserves a big ol', "Awwwww, how cute!" Bruce (he says, "Hi!") got a haircut today at the Great Clips that just opened on Madison Blvd between Walmart and Hughes Road. They were having a $2.99 haircut special. The "stylist" said she could help me with my hair. I think my feelings should be hurt. I think I'll drown my sorrows in a wool-cotton blend, but I may need Starbucks and chocolate to recover more fully. I hope to see you on Monday.

Oh how sweet! What a handsome guy!

How cute! He's ready for the pool!

He looks like such a GROWN up little man!!! You did a wonderful job.........Grandma sends both Joshua & Charlotte a BIG kiss.....


What a handsome fella! I love it when they start to look more like little boys and less like babies, they seem so suddenly grown-up. Do you all cut his hair or take him somewhere?

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