June 14, 2006

A Blue Pic for June

Here's the best platter I've made so far.
I haven't been throwing much lately, hence the lack of pottery pictures. I'm hoping to get some time in next month after things have settled down a bit.

Posted by crsattic at 11:57 PM | 4 Comments


i love that swirly swirl on the platter! do you go to a studio or have a wheel and set-up at home? i hoped my daughter would develop an interest in pottery from taking a class this past semester - but it can be a pretty expensive hobby....

That's beautiful! You're so smart...

OH I love your platter! I wish I had the talent for pottery, but not such luck, guess I'll have to stick with knitting.

I love your platter. Could be a new career for you one day if you keep making such beautiful things. I cannot believe how quickly you crochet those blankets. I am waiting on my Debbie Stoller crochet book to arrive, then I will try my hand at it. By the way Charlotte is still such a cutie and growing up so quickly.

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