May 30, 2006

The first step is to admit you have a problem.

Here's why I joined SOS. (If you're standing, you may want to take a seat.)
Yes, this is our master bathroom garden tub, and that's not even all of it. The rest had to be stacked on the floor.

Hence the 50 FO summer. I already have FO #2- another Critter Knitter blanket.
Plus, the first sleeve on Harry is done.
The temptations are already here; Knit Happens is having a Rowan sale this week.

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I have no words..... wait yes I do, can I come play in your stash?

*WOW* and i thought i had a yarn addiction! you must have a very sweet husband....

OH-MY-GOSH! I had thought about joinging that KAL, but after seeing some of these stashes involved I do not feel I am worthy. I am showing my husband some of the photos so he will stop his whining. :) Good luck!

Oh my gosh!! I saw your full totes when I visited and thought I'd seen all of it. Guess I was wrong! Now I feel tons better about my yarn collection! It's probably good I didn't see all of it or I'd have started drooling and we would have HAD to make a trip to Yarn Expressions for me while the sale was still on.

Now I know where Breya gets her addition to beautiful colored yarn.... her big sister !!!!
You make soooo many wonderful things I have no doubt you will soon have it all used up.....

You know, I just packed and moved and when I was packing I thought, "wow, I have quite a stash." Not compared to yours you lucky duck. Great job on all the recently done fo's.

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