May 16, 2006

My knitting lifestyle has not been lost on Charlotte. After weeks of begging, her dollhouse mom now has her own knitting supplies.

complete with pets to play with the yarn

Charlotte also wants to learn how to knit, so we started out with a knitting machine from Michaels. Depending on the setting, it can knit circularly or flat, so for Charlotte's first project we made a shrug.

She's terribly proud of her knitting.

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oh i've missed seeing charlotte - she looks so proud and pretty in her shrug! and what an impression mom and knitting must make in her life - her dollhouse mom - is that you?

The kids are adorable as always. Charlotte looks so pleased with the machine and herself.

What an excellent idea for the knitting machine. I bought my niece a spoll knitter but never thought about a machine! You've inspired a birthday gift!

Congratulations, Charlotte, on your first FO! It's very lovely!

That is so sweet and such a great idea! I'll have to remember that when AJ gets old enough.

It's in the genes! Charlotte looks so pleased with her FO! How cool!

Now that it the cutiest thing I have ever seen.

I'll have to look for oe of them at Michales. Katie would love to knit like me.

The idea of Charlotte knitting is just too precious for words.

Wow, that's great! She's darn cute.

That shrug is fabulous! My bean has been asking my about knitting, and she is getting fed-up with lace-up cards. I'll have to see if I can find that machine at our Michaels. She would love one!

Kudos to Charlotte!

I like the way you endoctrinate them young ;) I am dead impressed with the shrug and her smile says it all really!

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