May 10, 2006


Thanks to some help from Katie and an extra skein of yarn from Karen, Bookworm was finished without any ripping of the back or sleeves.

This sweater was from Miss Bea's Rainy Day and took 5 balls of Orkney ASC.
Here's Joshua attempting the model's pose.

Today's green is the foot of the first in a pair of socks.

Posted by crsattic at 11:18 PM | 6 Comments


i love bookworm on joshua - you did such a great job!

Joshua is so so so cute and he struck a pose marvelously! I'm glad the project worked out.

I love that Regia colorway too!

Very cute sweater on a very handsome boy. Joshua is sure getting big. Time is flying so fast, it's hard to believe.

What a doll! And the sweater looks great on him. I'm looking forward to starting Bookworm later in the summer for DJ.

I love the bookworm sweater. It is an easy knit isn't it. I made it last year for Isabelle in a blue/purple color. Joshua is growing up so fast, and I love your socks.

What a cutie Joshua is in his new bookworm sweater!

Have a lovely weekend!

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