April 7, 2006

Cool Pottery

Here's the first really cool piece I've had fired.

Out of all the things we made in the intermediate class, bottles and jars with lids are the most impressive to me. Of the five I've made, this is the only one to be bisqued so far. At some point, I'll go in and actually glaze my pieces rather than throwing more of them.

Charlotte and Joshua are both a little closer to getting more sweaters.

The front of Char's Manosque Pullover is finished,

as is the back of Joshua's Bookworm sweater.

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Wow I love that jar. I wish I had a place to take a class like that but I am afraid I lack the confidence to be good at it.

What's the pattern for the Charlotte pattern you posted? It's so pretty.

I'm just listening to the weather and heard that there is a supercell thunderstorm in your area with the potential for tornadoes. I hope it skips your home.

The pot looks great. We never did make it to see the bottle you threw! Guess we'll have to try it next time. I didn't realize that you had a sweater under progress for Joshua. He'll look great in that color! Give both kids a big hug for me.

that jar is very cool looking! and i love the sweaters - the pattern on charlotte's is pretty.

I absolutely love your pottery. So talented. I have been waiting to see updates of your jumpers for Charlotte and Joshua. I too have made the bookworm sweater for my daughter which I made in rich blue/purply color. No photos of it on my blog as yet. It is a really easy jumper to knit as are all Miss Bea's knits. Glad to see that your enjoying your crafts again and hopefully the depression is getting better.

Awesome jar! I have just been looking back at your last few posts and you have been very busy with some very beautiful knitting!

Christina, I echo what the others have said about your pottery and I think its evidence of what a truley creative person you are. It's not easy to form something out of nothing and you have to pull from deep within you to do it. I hope you'll keep with it.

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