April 24, 2006

Ann and Kay are really awesome!

We finally got on a knitting book tour!
The book signing was a lot of fun. Ann and Kay were incredibly approachable and down to earth, and I loved reading the book. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay afterwards to hang out and knit. The event's other downside- the store did an awful job promoting it. I guess if it's not a workshop where you charge admission, then it isn't worth mentioning on the website or in the email newsletters. Also, providing enough chairs for people to sit is a plus. (But then again, my last boss was a marketing machine, so maybe my expectations are a little high.)

As for knitting, I've got sleeves for you-
one for bookworm and the second one for the straight neck pullover.

Posted by crsattic at 9:14 PM | 1 Comment

1 Comment

Even with the down-points, it sounds like you had a great time meeting the MD girls! So if you worked for Kristine, you must live in NoVa? My family is in Rockville. I wish I could go to MS&W, but they're going to just be getting back from a trip that Saturday and having me and kids there would be kind of a pain for them! Are you going?

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