March 23, 2006

Life Beyond the ABC Blanket

It's been really busy around here the last couple of months. I completed another sewing project.

Pajama Pants for me

I've also been taking pottery classes. Here's the best stuff from the beginner class.

The tallest pot is only five and a half inches and not everything has been glazed yet.

I like throwing so much that I started pricing wheels (pottery, not spinning). I'm in the middle of the intermediate class now, so maybe I'll have some really cool pots to show soon.

Charlotte has outgrown her old handknitted socks, so after lots of begging, she finally got a new pair.

These are an adapted version of Wendy's Toe-up pattern. Most of the yarn used is Magic Stripes in Jelly Bean, but there is some white Regia and Knit Happens Lorna's Laces tossed in there to finish off the second sock.
Shockingly enough, that foot shot is Charlotte's 2006 debut here at Christina's Attic. Here's a better picture of her before her recital pictures.

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charlotte looks adorable in her recital dress - she's also grown so cute! i like your pj pants - my new year's resolution was to sew more but i haven't even finished one project yet! and you have yourself a nice pottery collection. my daughter is taking a pottery class in high school and she's been bringing home her projects too. charlotte's socks are cute - my daughter saw them and told me that's what she wants - a pair with no matching pattern, and from different yarns - shouldn't be too hard to do since i've got bits of left over sock yarn here and there....

The glaze on those pots is beautiful. Boy is Little Miss Charlotte growing up fast...that sort f thing must be stopped!

I like your pots! I took a pottery class in grade school. It was a lot of fun.

The PJs look comfy, and what a precious little ballerina you have there!

I think Charlotte is so cute and her socks look great. The pots are really exciting too and from the picture they look really good, you would have never know they weren't glazed.

Charlotte's getting so big!

I love the pottery--you're doing an awesome job. I took an introductory class once, and nothing I made looked that good. Throwing clay is more difficult than it seems!

It's great that you're pursuing your own interests, Christina. I need to do that more, too.

Miss Charlotte is the most beautiful granddaughter I have!! I would love to see the dance recital, it reminds me of you when you were in your 1st dance recital. Your pots are wonderful......Where in the world did you get all your talent ???

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