March 5, 2006


As requested by Becky, here's a view of my backyard.


I picked up a couple of the RYC books, and here are my favorite patterns.
From the Summer Collection:

Tea Time

From the Beach Collection:

Sea Breeze

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Who in the world wears long sleeved cable sweaters to the beach? Maybe at night in the off-season (or near off-season).

I just love those little playhouses. Makes you wanna be a kid again.

Thanks for sharing your backyard view. We'll be doing another fieldtrip next month, different subject if you wanna do this again.

Oh, I love that Sea Breeze sweater.

That is a lovely playhouse in what looks to be a nice large yard.

I spent last year's spring break in Huntsville. DH was there for work. I see where the LYS is having Ann and Kay for their book. I enjoyed that shop while I was there. Also had the best Mexican Food EVER at "Insert name that Idon't remember" Catina...LOL and I thought I would never forget it because we kept looking for the big billboard for it...ah the things we forget...

I sense that little kids may inhabit the backyard...=) I would love to fit in one of those playhouses again! =)

I agree with Carol that Saltwater doesn't look like something I'd wear to the beach but I'd definitely wear it other places. Sure do like Julia also. Do you think you'll make any of the sweaters shown?

I love all of the ones that you picked. In fact, I just ordered the yarn and the book for the Sea Breeze sweater.

Love, love Sea Breeze and Julia! And you could wear 'em to the beach, maybe, during the glorious off-season when there's still a chill in the air and you walk down along the water at dusk when hardly anybody's around...mmm.

Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

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