February 9, 2006

Baby Blankets

Thanks for the huge outpouring of support. I'm still fighting the depression, but I think I'm doing better at keeping everything in perspective.
One thing that really helps to boost the self-esteem is a great haircut.
(Not the most detailed hair picture, but you get the idea)

I've spent the last few weeks working hard on a last minute crocheted commision project.
This is the Heirloom Ruffles pattern from Keepsake Baby Afghans. I used a size H hook and 10 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Jonquil.
Now that that afghan is in the mail, I've had time to work on the ABC blanket. Here's the second row.

S, T,

U, V,

and W

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X, Y and Z are just around the corner! So lovely to read your post, Christina. I've been wondering how you are. And that new 'do looks superb on you!

The new hair looks great! So does the blanket, it's one of those things I've coveted for a while. Someday I will have a reason to knit that blanket. (The brother would help by deciding to procreate!)

Hey There Beautiful,
Can you tell I love the new cut! The blanket is adorable, too. I love & miss you much..........

you've been busy! the blanket is great looking and so are you with your new haircut!

Hey! Remember what I said about chemistry! Look at your with your blankets and your haircut.

Lovely to see your back online. The haircut looks fab! The blankets are beautiful.

Glad to see you are back online! I was literally going to send you an e-mail this weekend to see how you were doing

The hair is very cute, and the blankets are lovely. My daughter has a crocheted blanket my grandmother made her when she was born, and it is still her favorite to take to school for nap time. Yours are sure to become very cherished.

Take care!

C, I love the haircut. It's so stylish and flattering!

Your layers are super cute! And you're moving right along on the ABC blanket...it looks great!

Keep looking up, C. You're a great wife and a wonderful mom, and J and I are thinking of you. I think that alphabet blanket--yours looks great!--may be on my to do list for a friend soon. :)

I was hoping to see you were doing better. It's a nice cut that flatters your face and the projects look good too.

Hi, I bought the baby afgan book about a month ago. I couldn't seem to get past the second layer of the the border. Actually, I am having a difficult time with the corners of the pattern. I was wonder if you encounter the same problem. I get to the part where it says sc chain 3 sc , (twice). but I don't know what to do with the extra chain three. I am attempting to do it again. In the book it is titled Round three. I don't know if you can explain it better to me. I figured I try. I made the sweet memento. I came out nice. Well, I hope to here from you :)

Dawn (frustrated crocheter) lol

I've been away for a while, so I'm a little late in posting this... great haircut!

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