December 13, 2005

Quick Updates

Joshua has hit a couple of milestones over the last month that I haven't had a chance to blog about.
On Nov. 10th, Joshua took his first steps. He can walk pretty far now, but he still prefers crawling.
Josh cut his first four teeth much later than Charlotte did. I guess he wanted to catch up by his first birthday, because he popped out three teeth between Thanksgiving and when we came home from Disney. (Charlotte had seven teeth by her first birthday.) He still has a couple of weeks, so maybe he'll pass her with eight.
I've almost finished a gift scarf; pictures will be up once it's done.

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Yay Josh!! On the teeth AND the walking. Brogan does have eight teeth (which he's had for a few months now) but at 12.5 months he still has no inclination to walk or even stand on his own (though I'm sure he could definitely do the latter if he'd only try). Maybe you need to have a talking-to with him?

Awww! I hope he was easy about the teeth. Addie's getting some molars and she's a mess. They are so much fun at this age, though, it's all worth it.

Yay!! How fun to watch him pass the milestones. I hope it's all been relatively easy for him, especially since he's doing it all so quickly!

Enjoy it while he crawls, soon he'll be running everywhere and you'll be chasing after!

In reference to some Dazzleaire yarn needed back in August 2005. I have four skeins of Celestial Blue 2885, all the same dye lot.
Please contact me if interested.

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