October 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

In just three short years, we've gone from here

to here.

Charlotte's feelings on the day-
"It's good to be the birthday girl."

Joshua- "As long as I get cake, I don't care what day it is!"

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oh! your pictures bring back memories of my children when they were young! seems like yesterday, now they're all grown up - 23, 21, and 17 years! i can honestly say (as can you) i enjoy my children -even today!

Happy Birthday, Char-Char! May good health, love and happiness always be with you. Mmmmm...caaaaake!

Happy Birthday to Charlotte! How happy everyone looks. Thanks so much for the info on the provisional stitches, I was having a hard time with that, I think I can now progress with the pattern.

Happy Birthday Charlotte! Looking great there...and I'll bet that cake tasted great.

Happy Birthday to Miss Charlotte, who is quite the young lady now. A.x

Awwwwwww... aren't they cute. And so glad they belong to you!

Happy Birthday Charlotte, that cake mix looks yum!x

I love the pictures, and the video was SO cute! Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Happy "Big 0-3" to Charlotte! By the look on her face, making the cake was the best present ;-)

They look so much alike. And Joshua is getting so big! What cute kiddos.

Happy Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Goes by way too fast....

Happy Birthday!!!!!

OK...yet another thing I've missed. Happy Happy Birthday Char-Char!

That cake picture with the hat is the best!

Happy birthday to your little sweetie pie!

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