October 3, 2005

Charlotte had a viral infection for the last week, so although we stayed home more than usual, life has still been pretty hectic. I did manage to finish the back of the Alpaca Silk cardi.
I still have 1 and 3/4 skeins of yarn left, so that should be enough to finish the sweater without any problem.

I received a birthday package from Tara over the weekend.
Thanks, Tara! The notecards really did brighten my day.
And don't worry about the kids. Charlotte is feeling much better.
Here she is belting out the tunes on her paper towel roll "microphone".

Joshua hasn't shown any signs of getting sick from Charlotte.
Joshua follows his big sister everywhere now.

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The kids are just too cute beyond words!

happy belated birthday! love the bright smiles of charlotte and joshua; they sure look fun to be around!

Happy Belated Birthday, Christina! Glad to hear Charlotte's feeling much better, too!

The season on viral infections is on, also here. I am very affraid of new "wave" of diarrhea and vomiting!
Joshua really likes taking pics; he is always smiling!

That pic so reminded me of sharing baths with my sister when we were little!

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