September 20, 2005

More Sewing

We spent last weekend visiting family in GA, and I got a sewing lesson from my MIL. I found it much easier to control the speed on her machine, and, by the time we left, I'd made a pair of pants for Charlotte. (It didn't hurt that my MIL was kind enough to take out any of my mistakes.)
These are a size too big for Charlotte, so they won't be hemmed until next fall.

Now I just need a little spare time this weekend to try sewing up her red capris to go with the strawberry tank top.
Charlotte received a princess crown and wand from my mom on Saturday, and has brought them everywhere since then. She especially likes to sing "I Love Being a Princess" (from the Backyardigans) while wearing her crown. Here she is riding her bike around the neighborhood.
Thank goodness it was Michael that took her royal highness to the grocery store this weekend and not me.

And last but not least, Joshua managed to cut his third tooth Sunday.

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I can't believe how quickly your princess and prince and sprouting! Have you picked out Halloween costumes yet? And I think it's great you're also sewing up a storm. This weekend, my mother said she would try (again) to teach me how to use her sewing machine. Somehow, I ALWAYS tangle the thread.

I would love to learn how to sew. I need to add some sewing books to my wish list. I have a sewing machine now I must sit in front of it and sew! Your pants look great. The kids look so cute.

How old is Joshua? My daughter is 6.5 months and just got her first 2 teeth. I know the next ones have to be close, because she's been pretty cranky here lately (not to mention, biting me a lot).

I hope to sew some pants for her to wear with the little Debbie Bliss eyelet top I knitted for her a few months ago. It's teal green and I know it will be hard to match.

Talking about princess' crown - my girls looove the ones you have sent. And guess who else - me, myself and I! Why? Because crown is soooo soft and my head doesn't hurt when I wear it! Once I even forgot to have it on - yes, I looked pretty childish in grocery's! If nothing else - I will have something to tell to my< grandkids!

She looks like she should be waving from a parade float, doesn't she? And Joshua is getting so big. They're both precious.

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