August 17, 2005

You know you knit too much when... get your son's 6 month baby pictures back, and after commenting on how cute he is, you start to admire how well the paired decreases around the neck of his handknit vest showed up. read If You Take a Mouse to the Movies to your two year old and you start planning out a pattern for the little boy's sweater.
Hmmm, stripes.. argyle... corrugated ribbing... a roll neck... nothing too terribly hard. Besides, the kids would love having a sweater that matches their book. (Never mind that there isn't any pink in the sweater.)

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I was reading my "almost 5 yo" the Willy Wonka book with the photos from the movie (she bought it with her lemonade stand money) and got totally distracted by the photo of the 4 grandparents in the bed- a log cabin knit afghan with a prairie point edging (I also quilt), knit gloves, honeycomb rib on Grandpa Joe's sweater, is Grandma Josephine wearing a felted hat?,..."um, Mom? Did you forget you were reading me a story?". And I think the mouse sweater (or vests?) would look cute in coral pink and a soft green for Charlotte and a more Christmassy red and green for Joshua. My kids loved to dress alike for the holiday photo when they were little.

You HAVE to knit the "mouse" sweater. When I was little, I would have loved having a sweater I saw in a book!


Lovely entry, you made me smile. The last package is on its way to you now... so you will get it next week (hopefully before the reveal?).

happy knitting,

your secret pal!

Way too funny! I agree with Niki, I think you need to do the Mouse sweater.

If she really wants pink, make the red parts more on the rosey pink side... that's what I'd do. *grin* Your stuff is fantastically cute, both the knitting and the kids.

I love coming here and seeing everything, thank you for all your hard work


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