August 1, 2005

V-neck Vest: Take 3

I really am trying to finish something off of my WIP list. Most of my focus over the last week has been on Joshua's v-neck vest. I seamed one shoulder, put in the neckband, and tried it on him only to find two big problems.
#1- The neck was going to be too tight to go over his head. There are several things I could have done to fix this without too much frogging (ex. put in snaps, try bigger needle sizes for the neckband), but I didn't waste my time with any of these because they didn't solve problem number two.
#2- The v-neck was just too shallow.
So, I ripped out part of the front piece and dropped the v 10 more rows.
Here's the front blocking a couple of days ago.

Since then, I've attempted to finish the vest, and I'm pleased to say that there are no more neckband issues. That doesn't mean this project is ready to graduate to FO status. Oh no, that would be much too easy. But I can only handle one major problem per day without bursting into tears, so I'll continue this drama tomorrow.

Posted by crsattic at 11:58 PM

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