August 3, 2005

V-neck sweater: Take 4

When we last left this project, the neck had been fixed (YAY!) but all was still not well with the vest. I made this project in the 9-12 month size so that Joshua could get more wear out of it. And I've mentioned before that my son is very tall and thin. Well, after I put in the armbands and seamed one of the sides, we had another fitting, and the fit was just not flattering. The vest is wide, which is good because he'll grow into it. However, the vest was also short enough that it was very close to being too short for him to wear now, never mind two or three months from now. It was time for another fix.
First I unseamed part of the side and put lifelines in the row just above the ribbing and the row 3 up from the ribbing.

Next, I cut the row in between and started unraveling...

until the ribbing was completely removed!

The next step was to knit 10 more rows onto the ribbing

and graft the two pieces together.

Now the body is about 1 1/4" longer.

We're getting close on this one, I just have to lengthen the back and seam the sides. It might take a couple of days, however. Mike is out of town until Friday, so there won't be many breaks from the full-time mommy gig. (Try spending 20 minutes convincing your two year old that the phone says "Operator" when she pushes the 0 button while she's sure it says "bye-bye for later". Then expand this into all day, all the time for the last four days. I've always suspected that my IQ has dropped with motherhood. Now I'm convinced that it must be the constant attacks on my sense of logic. By the way, everytime she plays with her phone now, she pushes the 0 and triumphantly tells me "bye-bye for later". She also has added "hello for later" when she opens it up. Charlotte 1, Mommy 0)

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Is that Char Char flexing her independence of thinking? Nice lengthening job on Joshua's cute vest. Labor of love--children and knitting. =)

Oh, ouch. Cutting the knitting is really traumatic. The vest looks great though. Good luck with the two year old logic thing. Having just spent a weekend with my almost three year old niece, I am now recovering from my bout with her logic. I'm not sure I could handle it full time.

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